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Auto Post Plugin Feature Easily Create New Posts From RSS Content

Auto Post Plugin Feature Auto post RSS content to your blog

Auto Post Plugin Feature Auto post text articles to your blog

Auto Post Plugin Feature Inject keyword links into your articles

Auto Post Plugin Feature Use The RSS And Articles Plugins Together

Auto Post Plugin Feature Use The RSS Plugin On Its Own

Auto Post Plugin Feature Automatic "pinging" of the update services

Auto Post Plugin Feature Website Traffic Edict Included As a Bonus

If you haven't already seen the page describing the Standard Version of WP Post Bot, please click here to read it first. Our Gold version gives you everything in the standard version and much more.

WP Post Bot offers an easy way to post text articles (either your own or from a private label article package). To use the auto posting feature, you need a set of text articles in a folder on your PC. You can use articles you wrote yourself, or articles taken from a private label article package.

WP Post Bot will create a WordPress plugin that will post the articles automatically.

You then upload the plugin to your blog and then visit the blog admin Settings menu to start the auto posting. You choose the number of days between each post and you also select the time when the posts are created.

Unlike some other auto posting solutions, WP Post Bot creates new posts using the standard blog post creation system. This means that the blog will automatically "ping" the update services each time a new post is created.

This is a great way to build a blog using high quality content that gradually builds up over time. This solution mimics a manually created blog. As content is gradually added to the blog, the blog should become more and more attractive to search engines, gradually moving up towards the top of the search engine listings.

However the problem arises when you run out of articles. At that point, the blog may start drifting back down the search engine listings, because it is no longer being updated.

Unless you want to source more articles on the same topic, you have to just watch your income slowly drain away.

Our Gold version solves this problem, by allowing you to automatically switch to content taken from "RSS feeds" when your blog runs out of articles. RSS feed content never runs out, so your blog is continually updated, permanently maintaining its search engine ranking.

If you're not sure what an RSS feed is, here's a quick summary...

What is an RSS feed?

RSS feeds offer regularly updated content such as news stories or other content.

They are published by the major news sites and by many other sites too.

You can take RSS feed content and create a blog post from it, turning the news stories or other content into ordinary blog content.

Since the news site continually updates their RSS feed content, this means that your blog updates continually and automatically with new posts.

Get All Sorts Of Free Automatically Updated Content

There are now loads of RSS feeds available free on the Internet, covering just about every subject and niche you can think of.

There are RSS feeds offering news, current affairs, articles and much more.

Some of the major search engines now provide feeds for any search term - created by searching and then merging feed data from lots of other sites.

There are also feeds available from the main article directories, providing fresh article content on just about any subject.

All these feeds can be incorporated into your blogs as search engine friendly content.

Easily Create New Posts From RSS Content

To auto post RSS content, you create a special plugin. This plugin is separate from the Auto Post Articles plugin.

Here's a screenshot of the Create Auto Post RSS Plugin tool:

Screenshot Auto Post RSS

You can specify the title for your new posts. You can have the current date included in the title automatically, so each post has a different title.

You can include some text above and below the RSS feed if you wish.

You can use any RSS feed source, just by entering the web address of the RSS feed. The software includes full instructions on how to find suitable RSS feeds and how to get the web address of the feed.

When you have entered your details, the software will instantly generate the plugin. Just upload the plugin to your blog and activate it.

Once activated, you can use the "Settings" menu in the WordPress admin section to specify how often posts should be created.

You can specify a range of times and the plugin will post at random times in this range, to make it less obvious that the posts are being generated automatically.

You can also specify the blog category for the posts, if you have multiple categories on your blog.

If you have installed the Auto Post Articles plugin on the same blog, you can have the RSS plugin use a "delayed start", which waits for the article plugin to finish before it starts posting RSS content. See below for more details.

Use The RSS And Articles Plugins Together

To use the articles and RSS plugins together, you start the Auto Post Articles plugin as normal. This will automatically post the supplied set of articles to your blog.

When the Auto Post Articles plugin has finished posting all the articles, the Auto Post RSS plugin will then automatically start - and will create RSS posts on an ongoing basis.

This solution allows you to create a blog with a series of quality articles, ensuring the blog becomes established in the search engines. When the blog runs out of articles, it will then automatically switch to RSS content, to help maintain the search engine ranking.

Use The RSS Plugin On Its Own

Although the RSS plugin is designed to work with the Auto Post Article plugin, the RSS plugin can also be used on its own if required.

For example, if you have manually created a blog (not using the Auto Post Articles plugin), but don't want to keep updating the blog in future, you can use the RSS plugin to post regular new RSS content posts.

You can also use the RSS plugin on a brand new blog if required, to just fill the blog with RSS content posts. The resulting blog will not generally be as good as starting off with articles then switching to RSS later, but it is a very quick and easy way to build a new blog without having to source articles for it.

Bonus Feature...

Turn Keywords In Your Articles Into Affiliate Links

In addition to the RSS plugin, the Gold version of WP Post Bot also has an extended version of the Create Auto Post Articles Plugin tool, as shown in the screenshot below:


This is identical to the standard version tool, except for the extra "inject links" box, which allows you to inject keyword links into your articles.

You may already have ads at the sides of your blog and possibly above/below the posts. However there is one big drawback with these ads.

People reading your blogs may not pay attention to the ads, since they are not actually part of the articles that they are reading.

Our special "inject links" feature actually puts additional advertising links directly inside your articles, so that they cannot be overlooked.

This is the same sort of process used by popular information sites such as the hugely successful

On sites like this, when there is additional information available for a specific word or phrase, that word or phrase is turned into a clickable link. When someone clicks on the link, a new window opens with additional information related to that word or phrase.

Now with our powerful "inject links" feature, you can use the same highly successful strategy to boost the profits from your blogs.

Simply find some related affiliate links off Clickbank (or any other source) then enter suitable words or phrases for each link into the "inject links" box on the software.

The software will automatically turn every instance of your selected words and phrases into clickable links promoting your affiliate links.

This builds additional profit streams directly inside your articles, to boost your income.

Use WP Post Bot Gold On All Your Blogs At No Extra Cost

WP Post Bot Gold is licensed for use on an unlimited number of blogs, so you can use it on every blog you own, without paying any extra.

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Start Auto Posting Gold Now...

WP Post Bot Gold

Our Gold version gives you everything in the standard version and much more on top.

Here's a quick re-cap of all the benefits...

  • Auto post text articles to your blog
  • Inject keyword links into your articles
  • Auto post RSS content to your blog
  • Use on all your blogs at no extra cost
  • Includes special Theme and Plugin Installer tools

Given all these benefits, you might expect to pay a lot for the Gold version.

But if you order right now, you'll pay just $39.95.

That's just $12.95 more than the standard version.

And even though I'm offering this software at such a low price, I still want you to be 100% certain that it will really work for you.

That's why the software comes with my cast iron 30-day, no risk, 100% money-back guarantee...

Your 100%, No Risk, No Questions Asked,
Money-Back Guarantee

If you have any lingering doubts about purchasing our software, let me reassure you now that your purchase of this superb software is covered by my No Risk, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee.

If at any time during the next 30 days, you decide that this software does not meet your requirements, just shoot me a quick email and I guarantee to refund your money in full, no questions asked.

This means you can take a full 30 days to check out this software for yourself, with no risk whatsoever.

In other have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

To Your Success!

James Hajovsky

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If You Don't Want The Gold Version...

If you've decided that you don't want the extra features of the Gold Version and would prefer to just order the Standard Version at $27, please use the button below.

Order The Standard Version Only For $27

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You'll receive instant access to your software.

Totally secure payment is through Paypal

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Requirements: Blogs must be WordPress blogs on your own web hosting (i.e. NOT on Ideally you should be using the latest version of Wordpress, but the plugins should work with any version of WordPress from 2.8 onwards. The tools that create the plugins require a PC running Microsoft Windows (any version).

Future Versions: Once you order this software, you are automatically entitled to any future versions at no further cost. WordPress is now a very stable platform. This means the plugin should work with all future versions of WordPress. However in the event that a new version of the software is released to handle changes to WordPress (or for any other reason), you would be entitled to the new version at no extra cost. The software incorporates a special mechanism to automatically check for new versions.

Support For WordPress Multisite: WordPress Multisite is and advanced WordPress feature that allows a single installation of WordPress to operate multiple blogs. This software supports Multisite as long as each blog is on a different domain or subdomain (which is the normal use of Multisite).

Earnings Disclaimer: Although auto posting content can be an effective form of income generation and can boost search engine rankings, the results are dependent on many factors outside our control, including the blog content, blog design and articles used. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the search engine position or income that you will attain by using this software - or even give any assurances that you will earn anything at all. We will however refund your money in full in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your purchase.

This software is for your personal use only and does not carry any form of resale rights.

Have A Regular Website? Easily Add RSS Feeds To Your Websites!

Tweet And RSS Bot "Works with ordinary HTML web pages"

You do not have to know how RSS feeds work or the technology behind them in order to benefit from RSS. All you need to do is add some code to your web site and you will have fresh content displaying on your site. Our RSS software makes adding RSS feeds to your web site easy. Attract more Twitter followers - and put unique, regularly updated content on all your websites - on all autopilot.

Click here for full details on Tweet And RSS Bot

The Different Ways Of Using RSS Content On Blogs

There are two different ways that RSS content can be added to blogs.

The following section explains the differences...

Embedding RSS Content In Existing Posts

One way of using RSS content is to add it to existing posts.

This method is generally used with RSS content that is only relevant for a short period, such as current auctions or current bestsellers.

It's particularly effective with advertising feeds such as eBay and Amazon feeds, allowing you to earn commissions from the content.

This method does not mimic a manually created blog and is primarily a way of embedding ads in the content.

Our Money Blog Pro TEAM Plugins Package can be used to embed RSS content in existing blog posts. Note that this software is sold separately and NOT part of WP Post Bot. If you want to see details of the software, click here (opens in a new browser window).

Auto Posting RSS Content

The other way to use RSS content is to create new blog posts from the content. This is the method used by WP Post Bot Gold.

This method continually adds new posts to your blog (rather than updating existing posts), so it mimics a manually created blog.

This method is well suited to RSS feeds that contain data that is still relevant in the future, such as news stories or feeds from article sites.

By continually creating new posts from the RSS content, the blog gradually builds up an ever-increasing repository of useful information.

You can use both methods together on the same blog if you wish, using different RSS feeds with each.

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