MomPLR Review

Product Description: This is a PLR website that produces private label rights content for moms.

The content is written by moms as well. For Moms/By Moms – Cannot get any better than that when it comes to getting into the minds of your market now can you?

Who This Product is Intended For: MomPLR is intended for bloggers and site owners whose intended market is mothers, family or parents. It’s terrific for Mom Bloggers who require quality content for their readers, but do not want to have to write every single day on their own blogs. Let’s face it, if you’re a mom you ascertain that you don’t always have an adequate amount of time in the day to get everything done AND post to your blog, right? However, the show must go on if you would like to keep your readers pleased. MomPLR helps keep the ball rolling, maybe even if you’re not.

Uses: Private Label Rights content, PLR for short, in this case anyhow, is articles and reports that can be used on your site or blog, in newsletters or as content for an ecourse or email list. It’s already written articles and reports that you hold control over. Essentially, once you have purchased them you can utilize them however you want (assuming you stick to the rules for utilizing it provided on the site).

MomPLR is not a one stop store for purchasing article packs. It is furthermore not a membership site where you have to shell out monthly to access new content. MomPLR is dissimilar than these types of PLR sites because you don’t HAVE to pay a dime if you do not want to. Just sign up for the announcement list and when MomPLR owners, Arika Lewis & Nicole Dean, create a fresh package they wil let you know. You’ll furthermore receive information about free and inexpensive PLR they believe might interest your readers from ancillary websites too.

Pros: You do not have to ponder about what to write on your blog every single day to continue the fresh content coming. You can load up the PLR to your blog, rewrite it to suit your reader’s desires/needs and your voice, and then set it to publish at a later date.

As for the report, you can edit it as well. Subsequently you can break it up into a series of posts, employ it as a freebie to persuade your visitors to sign up for your list, monetize it with affiliate links and distribute it all over the world wide web, just about anything you want.

You will possess access to free and low-priced PLR offers which means you do not have to waste any time searching for them yourself or sign up for every PLR site’s list in order to find out whenever (or even if) they offer specials.

Cons: When you sign up for the announcement list at MomPLR, you need to understand that they will mail you offers as they come across (or create in the case of the content they write themselves) them. Hence, you may end up with a few emails a week or maybe even none at all some weeks. It all depends on the offers they discover and whether the deals are time sensitive or not.

That being said, so far I’ve not been bombarded by emails from them at all. I’ve gotten maybe 1 a week from the time when I signed up. Even if I received an offer a day I would still think it worth it for the deals they’ve sent me so far, including free Halloween PLR articles and tremendously inexpensive Christmas PLR packages.

Personal Opinion: MomPLR is a terrific way for mom bloggers to take a break from their blogging without letting their loyal readers down. It’s additionally a great way to produce an income via lots of streams, once you’ve made the content your own.

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