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The Ultimate Software Business Solution

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

Software Midas

You probably already know that achieving online success can be hard work. And that just about every successful business makes extensive
use of software, to help reduce that workload. But you’ve probably already discovered that software can be mighty expensive stuff.

After all, it takes a lot of costly programming time to create quality software.

But today I want to tell you about an amazing offer that’ll give you an entire collection of 40 top quality business tools, designed to generate profits for you on autopilot …and all at a crazy discount of over 83% off!

Check it out here…

Software Midas – The Ultimate Software Business Solution

The Software Midas package includes loads of superb moneymaking software, including…

Article Firestorm Platinum – Instantly turn any package of PLR articles into a complete website, featuring unique pages, moneymaking Adsense and Amazon ads, videos and much more.

Video Firestorm Gold – Create your own complete moneymaking video sites for any niche, without ever creating a single video. Sites feature unique pages – and lots of options for moneymaking ads.

Really Easy Software Builder – Now anyone can easily create unique marketing software for any niche or business in two minutes flat.

Really Easy Video Brander – Turn PLR and resale rights videos into your own branded products in seconds with this quick and easy solution
(no video editing needed).

Really Easy Website Builder, Sales Page Sorcerer and Squeeze Page Power Pack – Easily create your own websites, sales pages and squeeze pages with these automatic tools. Includes What You See Is What You Get editor, easy FTP uploader and much more.

WP Post Bot – Easily create niche WordPress blogs, by turning ordinary packages of text articles into complete sequences of automated blog posts.

Plus loads more quality, profit boosting software tools.

There’s also a special bonus offer that will give you a full 6 months membership of three amazing software based memberships, all designed to help you build your own profitable business.

The Software Gold Club – Instantly set up your own private label online software business. And get loads of other resources too, including video sets, private label ebooks, niche articles and ebooks – and much more.

Traffic Gladiators – Here’s an easy way to generate a continual stream of repeat targeted visitor traffic – all on autopilot. Get a full selection
of exclusive Traffic Gladiators tools – with new tools added every month.

Lazy Membership – Discover the lazy way to generate a regular monthly income, with your own private label membership site. Your site is set up for you and then updated with new products every month – all on autopilot.

With all these resources, Software Midas really is a “one stop business solution” – and all at a fraction of what you’d expect to pay.

So please go check it out now…

Software Midas – The Ultimate Software Business Solution

Wishing you success,


PS I know you may be sceptical about the claims of an “83% discount” After all there are lots of silly, inflated prices on the Internet. But I assure you that every single one of these 40 software tools has been sold at the full individual price shown on our site.

This really is a genuine discount on a superb collection of top quality tools. I cannot promise how long this deep discount will last. So please go
check it out now…

Software Midas

The Backlink Bullion Reseller Program

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

The Backlink Bullion Reseller Program

Backlink Bullion is a membership that you can log into at any time to use the Link Finder Service and watch the videos. And once you become a member, you can sell Backlink Bullion memberships to other people and keep all the money.

We’ll also host the members area and the service/videos for your customers – and provide any necessary support. You can also sell Backlink Bullion memberships from your own website if you prefer (using any payment service you want), offer memberships as a valuable bonus with anything else you sell – or include access to the membership in your own packages or membership sites

Get the details on Backlink Bullion

There are NO LIMITS to the number of memberships you can sell. You can sell one, ten, a hundred or even a million. And every payment goes directly to you.

Create Your Own Income Producing WordPress Blogs

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

If you are hoping to generate income using the web, you are going to absolutely love the unique brand-new WP Silver Club. It is loaded with useful training videos, software programs and materials that will help you create your very own income producing empire of WordPress blogs.

There is a comprehensive video training program on the way to utilize WordPress, as well as exclusive WordPress plugins. There’s also a complete selection of exclusive niche “plugin” packages, that make it simple and fast to create a money making blog in 26 diverse niche markets. Simply upload one of these simple plugins to your blog site and it’ll auto-magically publish a complete collection of 25 in-depth well written articles to your blog.

The article content may be published immediately or scheduled for extended posting, in a way that completely new content articles show up on a daily basis, making it appear as if you’re personally posting to the blog each and every day. This provides an easy process to establish your very own lucrative WordPress niche blog empire.

With all of these amazing benefits, you may perhaps be expecting the WP Silver Club to be quite expensive. However if you enroll today it’ll cost you only $17 for permanent membership, without a penny more to fork out ever again. This is definitely an exceptional offer – but there is however a much more valuable perk of getting started with the WP Silver Club…

As soon as you register as a member, you can promote WP Silver Club memberships to other individuals – and keep every single penny. You will get your own special personalized sales page, with 100% of each and every transaction deposited straight into your own personal Paypal account.

The sales page is setup and hosted for you instantaneously – additionally, the members area and downloads available for your patrons are all hosted for you as well. Plus there are absolutely no customer support issues either, because of the fact that is taken care of on your behalf also. All you really need to do is send individuals to your WP Silver Club sales page – and watch the bucks show up in your Paypal account like magic!

You can even offer the memberships as priceless bonus products with additional items you offer, or maybe incorporate them as a unique bonus in your own package or membership website.

With such a hot, in-demand offer, available at such a low price, this has to be one of the best offers you’ll ever see online. Please check it out now…

Create Your Own Income Producing WordPress Blogs

PS You can very easily pay much more than $17 for only one of the resources provided in this outstanding membership. Join now and you get all of the training videos, the niche resources and plugins – all for this affordable price, without a penny more to shell out again.

This is definitely a no-brainer, so please investigate for yourself now…

WordPress Software Silver Club

Learn All About Internet Marketing

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Learn All About Internet Marketing! Get the information you need to know and discover how you can quickly use it to your advantage! You’ll discover simple fact’s tip’s and information that will help you make the most of all your internet marketing efforts!

Learn valuable information on how you can successfully build and promote your own online business. If you are new to Internet marketing, then this is definitely for you. If you have some experience, you will still find new ideas and thought processes that will help you be successful.

Pick Up Your Copy Of All About Internet Marketing

Owning Your Own Product Is The Key To Success Online

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

You almost certainly already are aware that the selling of software products is a mega-business and it’s without question the foremost best option to rake in fistfuls of dough, online or offline. You’ve almost certainly also heard a thousand times that the key to being successful is having your own product. After all, it is possible to create virtually a limiteless quantity of software products that specifically target any niche on the earth, and if you have got you’re own product you could possibly pocket profit margins which can be out of this world… often as high as 100%!

Think about it… once the actual software product has been created, it costs virtually very little to reproduce it and sell it to a highly targeted audience. For instance, Microsoft has this down to an art form and they rake in more profits than the total Gross Domestic Product of some small countries! But let’s face it, the common person simply doesn’t have the training, knowledge or skills to truly develop and create their own software product… or have they?

It might surprise you to find out that many successful software companies don’t actually create or develop their own software. The truth is that they hire programmers, or other software companies, to make the products for them. They then simply stick their very own label on the software and sell it as their own… and no one is any the wiser. Pretty smart I’d say!

Why am I telling you this? I’ve just discovered a ridiculously easy way that the common person who has absolutely no programming skills or experience can do the exact same thing and start up their own online software empire. Yep, even you!

My good friend Alan Reece has just created a new exclusive membership site called the “Software Gold Club”. As a member, Alan will provide you a chance to instantly set up your own low cost, exclusive software business… without having to write a solitary word of programming or do any of that techie stuff. Every month Alan will *provide you with* ready-made premium software products, all of which you’ll be able to brand with your *own name* so you can sell them as your own creations!

I’ve checked them out and tested each product and I can guarantee they’re of high quality, very useable and will translate into profits in your pocket! Oh yeah… these software products aren’t available anywhere else on the planet. They are created exclusively for “Software Gold Club” members and unless you are a current member, then you simple won’t possess the rights to sell it.

How does this benefit you?

Only a limited quantity of people will have the rights to sell each product and this means that the integrity of the products will be protected, as they won’t be able to be abused and flogged off for nothing by anyone looking to make a quick buck.

If you’d like to view the list of products that are currently available to members only, go to…

Software Gold Club – An Exclusive Software Business

Listen… even if you breakout in giant hives on the mere mention of HTML, you can now get instant access to your very own stash of *multiple* software products that you can sell and keep 100% of the profits. It’s like having your own software development team creating products for you on demand… but without the effort or the expense! Imagine having the ability to grab a brand new software product and stick your name on it and call it your own. You’d virtually have the ability to become a software tycoon overnight.

Not just that, but each software product comes with it’s own ready-made sales letter and graphics. So you do not have to spend valuable time creating anything. All you will have to do is brand the software, customize the web page with your details and then start promoting it. It really is that straightforward!

This has to be one of the most amazing opportunities I’ve seen on the web in years, and I have not even begun to inform you about the awesome package of valuable bonuses included as part of your membership. Now you would normally expect to pay hundreds of dollars monthly for a service like Alan is providing. Hey, developing software products is mighty expensive stuff, but you will be genuinely surprised at how little it will cost to obtain instant access to multiple brandable software products.

So if you’re remotely fascinated by starting your own personal top quality software business, then I suggest you do not waste any time and you get on over there now!

Software Gold Club – An Exclusive Software Business

P.S. Owning your own product is the 1 key to success online and the best selling business online is software products. Now you have the chance to kill two birds with one stone – but only if you hurry and you’re serious about making money online…

Magic Article Rewriter And Submitter

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Today, article marketing is more saturated than ever! Why? Because of the boat load of copied content floating around the web, cooked up by spammers, who want to make money without any work! Unique content is what can save the market from being dragged down or even worse…breaking down! But it costs an arm and a leg, right?

A typical original article costs between $5 and $25! And it’s a proven fact, you need thousands of unique articles to achieve your desired online success! Go ahead and add up all the dough you’d spend on paying semi-good ghostwriters to write you a couple thousand articles. If you did, you’d realize it would come to about the same price as a nice automobile. Who can afford to do that?

Say “Hello” to Magic Article Rewriter And Submitter:

Now, I want to tell you that today, all this is possible and all this money can be saved! Who really likes wasting their money anyway? Not me and I’m sure not you! Here’s an idea. What if you could get thousands of articles with the click of a button instead of paying thousands of dollars to some ghost writer that may not have your best interest in mind?

What if the best copywriter in the world walked up to you on the sidewalk one day (I know this is not likely but just go with it for a second). This guy says to you, “Hey, buddy! I want to work for you! To write and rewrite articles for you, on ANY topic and get your articles submitted to thousands of content directories”

So what would you say to him? I assume: “Ah…sure! Yes, go for it but I don’t have the money to pay you for that! After all, you are the best copywriter in the world and there is no way in this world I can afford your services!” “No, my friend! You’re not getting it! I said that I WANT to work for you! I will do it all for free, as in zero dollars, nothing,
nada.” “Whaaat”, you reply, not believing what you’ve just heard! “Excuse me?”

“Yes, I may be the best, but I just decided I WANT to work for you, FOR FREE!”

What would it mean for you and your business if this really happened? I don’t mean happen as in just one day happen. I mean happen everyday, over and over again(like in the movie Ground Hog Day…lol)! With no days off for rest!!

Well… I’m here to tell you – surprise surprise – the best copywriter won’t come work for you for free…
But the good news is…
TODAY, you don’t even need him!

Magic Article Rewriter And Submitter will use absolutely the same techniques of the best copywriters in the world. The software will produce thousands of perfect, unique
articles for you, free of charge, and will submit them all to the article directories, again for free! Ditch the typical long and expensive article marketing routine. Grab yourself a copy of this revolutionary software.

Magic Article Rewriter And Submitter

EasyPLR Review

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

This website makes available private label rights articles which are sold in packs to web publishers looking for top quality content for their websites or blogs.  This site furthermore sells content to offline publishers akin to community parenting magazines and coffee table book publishers.

Who This Product is Intended For:  The patrons at EasyPLR are website or blog owners who are interested in adding quality content to their site or blog to give extra value for their readers. These people are generally in the market for unique, quality content, but cannot afford to pay ghostwriters higher prices. Their way out is to acquire quality PLR and change it to become exclusive and their own.

Uses:  Use the PLR articles from EasyPLR for  blog posts, articles in your newsletter, or to craft e-courses for your auto-responder.  Pull the articles collectively in a document, include graphics, and turn it into a pdf. After that, offer that pdf as a free gift to your list.  Produce an information product, put your name on it and sell it.  The uses are only limited by your imagination.

Pros:  EasyPLR offers affordable articles. They always have numerous diverse topics to select from. The articles are top quality, written by a compensated writer, and then also edited by a second writer.

The articles can be modified to better fit your site and you can claim them as your own. The people at EasyPLR only sell a limited amount of articles in every topic so you aren’t regurgitating the identical stuff everyone else is. The other benefit of choosing Easy PLR is that there is no membership mandatory. You can shop just for what you want – and get what you need without loading up on miscellaneous content.

The folks at EasyPLR also include suggested affiliate programs to monetize the PLR that you purchase.

Cons:  The content will not be original to you. However, contrasting nearly all PLR sites, the packs are sold in very limited quantities.

The only other negative for this site is that I can not each and every time obtain content on the topic that I’m searching for. However, the quality more than makes up for that whenever I can locate the topic I’m searching for. One way to get around this, although you will have to wait a bit longer, is to fire an email and ask for a certain topic. Usually, they will have an article pack written up at customer requests.

Personal Opinion: allows me to provide my readers with quality information whilst saving me time (it’s accessible when I need it) and money (no ghostwriters or PLR memberships)